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Windows 2012 server NIC teaming

NIC teaming, or channel bonding or Link Aggregation is a new feature in Windows 2012. Previously NIC teaming could only be accomplished in Windows by using a Vendor specific driver. With this new Windows feature, one can use up to … Continue reading

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bash string manipulation

These quick string manipulations might save you some time. This works with bash starting from version 4.0 Function Input String s Bash Output String Show ABC123abc123 ${s} ABC123abc123 Show UPPERCASE ABC123abc123 ${s^^} ABC123ABC123 Show lowercase ABC123abc123 ${s,,} abc123abc123 Show length … Continue reading

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Mass SMTP mailer from shell

I configured my local mail system to use the gmail SMTP server. Install package ssmtp and configure /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf with following parameters: root=postmaster AuthPass=NoWAYiWILLtellYOUmypassWORD FromLineOverride=YES UseSTARTTLS=YES This scripts reads an input file (listusers.txt) with ; seperated values for … Continue reading

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Generate easy passwords

This script generates combinations of words to form a password. These passwords are easier to remember than true random garbage combinations, which can’t be remembered by anyone. Moreover the passwords are not dictionary words and too difficult to be guessed … Continue reading

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Watermark all images

Recently I had to watermark around 500 images for an existing site. Images are replaced with watermarked images! I had problems with temporary/hidden images in the directory so the find statement contains a ! -name “.*” which negates hidden files … Continue reading

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Get filename and or extension

This script uses the filename and the extension of a file using shell scripts. This is useful when you have to rename a file or its extension. filenameextension.shraw download¬† #!/bin/sh # Name: # Author: # Function: Show filename … Continue reading

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Create thumbnails with a mask

First we create a mask like this with this script: create_mask.shraw download¬† #!/bin/bash # Author: # Copyright: (c) 2011 GNU Copyright v3 # Name: # Function: create thumbnail mask # Requires: imagemagick (convert) ¬† THUMBRECT=”thumbnail_rectangle.png” THUMBMASK=”thumbnail_mask.png” SIZE=96 # … Continue reading

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Check if running chrooted

This script checks if we are running in a chroot environment checkchroot.shraw download#!/bin/sh # Name: # Author: # Function: check if the script is running within a chroot environment # Parameter: none # Copyright: 2011 GNU GPL … Continue reading

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Use a shell function, check if a file exists, true or false

This script uses a shell function to check if a file exists (-f). It returns 0 (zero) if the file exists and 1 if it does not exist. You can write your own check functions for checking if a directory … Continue reading

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